Relevant Legislation  

Inuit Heritage Trust is governed by and receives its mandate from different pieces of legislation. The main document that sets out our mandate is the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement (NLCA), specifically Arcticles 33, 34 and parts of 7. There is also legislation from the Government of Nunavut such as the Nunavut Archaeological and Palaeontological Site Regulations that govern how people can approach archaeology. 

The Nunavut Land Claims Agreement

The Articles of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement make up the document that outlines the relationships and obligations between the Inuit of the Nunavut Settlement Area and Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada (Federal and Territorial governments).

Article 7 - Outpost Camps    Full Version of Article 7

Inuit Heritage Trust deals with this article only where the outpost camp is to be established on archaeological sites. IHT may develop guidelines for the use and occupation of the camp.

Article 33 - Archaeology    Full Version of Article 33

Article 33 defines words related to archaeology, recognizes that Inuit have a special relationship with the archeological record through spiritual, cultural, religious and educational ways and that Inuit and government both have a joint interest and responsibility to manage and conserve archaeological specimens. Also within this article it dictates that Inuit Heritage Trust be created under the umbrella of NTI (Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated) and be responsible supporting, encouraging, and facilitating the conservation, maintenance, restoration and display for archaeological sites and specimens in the Nunavut Settlement Area, in addition to any other functions set out in the Agreement.

Article 34 - Ethnographic and Archival Materials   Full Version of Article 34

Article 34 defines words related to this article, states that any ethnographical programs in Nunavut have to conform at least to the employment and training provisions detailed in Article 23 and that co-operation must be present in ensuring that objects from other institutions are lent to institutions within the Nunavut Settlement Area.

Government of Nunavut

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Inuktitut and English

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Human Remains Policy




Archaeological Permit Application Form

To access the Government of Nunavut’s archaeological permit application and guidelines, please visit the please visit the Department of Culture and Heritage.

Historical Resources Act

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Archives Act

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Historical Sites Act

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