Projects: Sivumut Kajusiniq 2:
Nunavut Heritage Sector Strategic Plan 2010-2015

In 2005 IHT initiated the first Heritage Sector Strategy which consisted of a needs assessment of heritage stakeholders across Nunavut, a face-to-face meeting and the release of a strategic document titled, ‘Sivumut Kajusiniq (Moving Forward)’. Now, five years on, IHT decided it was time to revisit this document and see where our success have been (especially the effects of training and education) and where our collective challenges still lie. The final report of Sivumut Kajusiniq 2 is now available.

Sivumut Kajusiniq 2:
Nunavut Heritage Network Strategic Plan 2010 - 2015
Sivumut Kajusiniq 2:
Five Year Strategic Plan for the Nunavut Heritage Network:
2010 to 2015
Sivumut Kajusiniq (Moving Forward): Nunavut Heritage Sector Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan 2005


'Sivumut Kajusiniq (Moving Forward)' is the guiding document to guide the continued growth and vibrancy in Nunavut’s heritage sector at the local, regional, territorial and national levels for heritage groups in Nunavut.