Projects: Elder Recognition  

The Elders' Recognition Award is given out every two years to Nunavut Elders to recognize their contribution in helping other Nunavummiut understand Inuit culture, heritage and archaeology. Many of the Elders have worked within the schools teaching skills to younger children and generally sharing their knowledge. They have also played an invaluable role to the work of IHT in sharing traditional knowledge about place names, archaeology, oral history and how to appropriately deal with Inuit cultural materials.

The Inuit Heritage Trust seeks recommendations from communities, heritage organizations as well as IHT board and staff to identify a list of potential candidates from across Nunavut (Kitikmeot, Kivalliq and Qikiqtani regions).

Inuit Heritage Trust is pleased to honor three of our Inuit elders for their dedication to practice, teach or promote Inuit traditions with the Elder Recognition Award 2013.

This year IHT particularly encouraged suggestions of female elders whose role of keepers of knowledge and backbones of families often is under-acknowledged. Passing on Inuit traditional knowledge to the younger generations helps our children to find their cultural identity in the modern world and encourages them to become strong, self-confident adults.

We received many examples of outstanding women who all contribute greatly to their communities. Thank you for all the entries! Unfortunately we could not formally honor every one of these wonderful women.

The Elder Recognition Award is remunerated with $1500 per elder. The deadline for 2013 submissions was June 30. An IHT intern committee announced the awarded elders in late 2013.


Elder's Recognition Award - 2013:

Alice AglukkaqAlice Aglukkaq (Gjoa Haven)
Alice Aglukkaq has lived in the Gjoa Haven area most of her life. She has a lot to offer, she is generous, trustworthy, and caring. She still takes care of all of her children whenever they need her by sharing food, meeting their needs when possible and providing guidance towards their own children. She is a great role model and loving mother, grandmother, great grandmother, sister, and aunt. Alice is one of those elders who like to spend time with people talking and telling stories about her life, Inuit culture and heritage. Quite often she is going to the schools of Gjoa Haven for storytelling and teaching students about Inuit games, songs and activities. She certainly has influenced students to become proud of their Inuit culture and heritage. Alice Aglukkaq's contributions to promote Inuit heritage, language and culture are very exceptional.

Liza NingiuqLiza Ningiuq (Grise Fjord)
Liza Ningiuq has been a passionate advocate of Inuit culture and traditions and passing on knowledge to the next generations through her work with the Quttinirpaaq National Park Joint Inuit/ Government Park Planning and Management Committee since 2001. Her contribution includes the development of the Quttinirpaaq National Par Management Plan. She has generously contributed her expertise to Quttinirpaap National Park despite her many other community leadership roles in Grise Fiord and Nunavut, including as a mayor, as healer, as a Canadian Ranger, as a member of the Board of Directors of the Coalition of Nunavut District Education Authorities, as a member of the Inuit Qaujimajatqangir Kitimajiit that advises the Government of Nunavut and in many other roles.

Mary TuktudjukMary Tuktudjuk (Repulse Bay)
Mary Tuktudjuk has been a passionate advocate of Inuit culture and traditions and passing on knowledge to the next generations through her work with the Ukkusiksalik National Park Inuit Knowledge Working Group. She received a Parks Canada's Chief Executive Officer Awards of Excellence in 2010 for her extraordinary contribution as an engaging partner through the Parks Canada Inuit Knowledge Project, which promotes traditional knowledge and science, for her leadership and her commitment.

Leah T. KooneeliusieLeah.T. Kooneeliusie (Qikiqtarjuaq)
Leah T. Kooneeliusie is very passionate to share her knowledge with the younger generations and with the community of Qikiqtarjuaq. Therefore she is visiting the local radio station twice a month to tell stories on the radio. When she is not busy on the community radio she enjoys visiting the schools in her community and spending time with the students. She does not only inspire the students with her knowledge about Inuit traditions and stories but also passes on skills like baking bannock. She is a well respected person in Qikiqtarjuaq with lots of knowledge and love to offer to everyone.

Elder's Recognition Award - 2011:

Elder Recognition Award Winners - 2011Jarloo Akulukjuk (Pangnirtung)
Joshua Akulukjuk (Pangnirtung)
Jaco Ishulutaq (Pangnirtung)
Donald Uluadluaq (Arviat)
Henry Iluarniq (Arviat)
Sam Aarualaaq (Whale Cove)
Moses Aliyak (Rankin Inlet)
Joe Issaluk (Chesterfield Inlet)
Donat Milortok (Repulse Bay)

Elder's Recognition Award - 2009:

Peterosie Qappik - Pangnirtung
Nanngaat Idlout - Resolute Bay
John Kownak - Repulse Bay
Silas Aittauq - Baker Lake
Ovide Alakannuak - Kugaaruk
Otto Apsaktun - Kugaaruk

Elder's Recognition Award - 2007:

Peter Paneak
Rachael Ujarasuk
Winnie Owingayak
Marianno Aupilardjuk
Mary Ittunga
Philomena Totalik

Elder's Recognition Award - 2005:

Joseph and Martha Qilluniq - Taloyoak (Kitikmeot Region)
Abraham Tagornak - Naujaat/Repulse Bay (Kivalliq Region)
Ashevak Palituq - Clyde River (Qikiqtani Region)
Jacob Peterloosie - Pond Inlet (Qikiqtani Region)
Joanassie Qappik - Pangnirtung (Qikiqtani Region)
Sandy Akavak - Kimmirut (Qikiqtani Region)
Inookie Atami - Iqaluit (Qikiqtani Region)
Lucassie Nowdluk - Iqaluit (Qikiqtani Region)

To learn more about why they were chosen, read the English news release or
Inuktitut news release.

Elder's Recognition Award - 2003:

Frank Analok - Cambridge Bay (Kitikmeot Region)
Seporah Malliki - Naujaat/Repulse (Kivalliq Region)
Mina Inuktaluk - Sanikiluaq (Baffin Region)

Elder's Recognition Award - 2001:

Jose Angutingnungniq - Kugaaruk (Kitikmeot Region)
Elisapee Tunnuq - Qamanittuaq (Kivalliq Region)
Enusilq Nashalik - Pangnirtung (Baffin Region)

Elder's Recognition Award - 1999:

Frank Analok - Cambridge Bay (Kitikmeot Region)
Barnabas Peryouar - Baker Lake (Kivalliq Region)
Cornelius Nutarak Sr. - Pond Inlet (Qikiqtani Region)