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Inuit Heritage Trust realizes that Nunavut has a lack of professionally-qualified heritage workers in the territory. Due to this, we heavily rely on outside consultants to advise and do work for us. We would like to encourage stability within the sector in Nunavut by Nunavummiut. To do this, Inuit need to gain professional qualifications through already proven and established post-secondary heritage programs.

Call for Applications

Inuit Heritage Trust is offering a sponsorship program for post secondary studies in the heritage field. The HLP supports Nunavut Land Claims Beneficiaries who are pursuing a career in archaeology, cultural anthropology, Inuit studies, collections management and conservation, museum studies, linguistics or any other field of (Inuit) cultural heritage. Students of other disciplines (ex. law, tourism, education, arts) are encouraged to send in their application as long as they can satisfactorily show that their intended personal career will have a strong impact on keeping Nunavut's Inuit culture alive.

This year a maximum of two successful applicants can receive the scholarship money of $3000 per year over multiple years.

The scholarship also includes a mentorship component so that students will stay closely in touch with the IHT project manager to receive some guidance, advice and networking support for their studies, potential summer student positions and other extra-curricular activities that support the success in their respective field of studies.

Please review application documents (see the righthand column) or call the IHT project Manager (Torsten): 867-979-0731

Deadline for applications is July 4, 2014, 5 pm EST.


A Heritage Sector that has several qualified Nunavummiut professionals leading in their fields within and outside of the territory.

The Heritage Leadership Program is a highly individualized program that creates a relationship of trust between IHT and the participant. Together we create a learning plan for the beneficiary that is highly motivated to overcome their barriers and to successfully complete a post-secondary program that earns them a heritage qualification.

IHT helps by:

  • identifying post-secondary education programs available;
  • helping with applications for these programs and funding sources (if needed);
  • supporting students by helping to problem-solve around non-academic challenges
  • providing support throughout the year through regular emails, telephone calls and where possible, face-to-face visits;
  • arranging meaningful and relevant employment opportunities, with competitive compensation, throughout the summer;
  • giving each student up to $3,000 per year for costs not covered by other funding programs (ex. Upgrading courses, specialized equipment, bus passes, daycare, etc…)
  • continuing to advocate for a Nunavut heritage center which would eventually employ these new leaders.

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What IHT/the Heritage Leadership Program Expects of a Participant

  • To enter into the Heritage Leadership Program with the full commitment and intention to complete the Learning Agreement as set out
  • Carry out set tasks and programs in a timely and dedicated manner
  • Meet the grade average minimum of 70% / B-
  • Report upon each step of your progress, supplying receipts, copies of certificates, etc…as proof of your completion
  • To identify professional and personal development needs and goals
  • Be the main driver in formulating an action plan to achieve goals
  • Seek regular guidance and advice on effective approaches to practice
  • Accept responsibility for personal decisions and actions and maintain confidentiality
  • Be receptive to feedback and coaching

Leadership and Program Qualities

  • Accountability
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Relevance
  • Self-knowing
  • Risk-taking

How To Apply

If you would like to learn more or to begin a discussion to see if being part of the Heritage Leadership Program is right for you, contact IHT's Project Manager,

Recent Participants

Krista Zawadski 2010–2015

Krista Zawadski is from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, and first got interested in archaeology during one of her many family camping trips when she was a teenager. She was at Cape Fullerton when she came across seed beads on the ground: "It was amazing to find such a tiny object beside where I was sitting! I thought 'are these artifacts from the whaling era? How on earth did I come across them?' It really piqued my interest in history and archaeology. It wasn't until my participation in my first field school in 2002 that really hooked me into archaeology". Krista has since participated in three IHT field schools, two IHT Nunavut Heritage Program Institutes and is currently a participant in the IHT Nunavut Heritage Leadership Program. Zawadski has recently graduated from Carleton University with a Honours Bachelor Degree in Anthropology, and will be furthering her education by attending graduate studies at the University of British Columbia. She aspires to do archaeology in Nunavut, and hopes to make archaeology and anthropology more accessible to the people of Nunavut. Zawadski has worked at Kivalliq Inuit Association as a GIS Technician for four years, and has recently started her own business with her husband, called Sinaani Research and Consulting. Zawadski, an avid fisherwoman, encourages everyone to pursue their goals and education.

Pamela Gross 2012–2014

Pamela Gross, B.A. Anthropology and Aboriginal Studies, Carleton University. Prior to completing her degree, she attended the first and second years of the Nunavut Sivuniksavut (NS) Training Program in Ottawa, a program for Inuit students. Originally from Cambridge Bay, NU and Hay River, NT, she has studied and worked on various Inuit-related research projects that are providing her with the foundation for a career in cultural policy and heritage. She is the recipient of several scholarships including the Alain Maktar Heritage Scholarship, Gordon Robertson National Inuit Scholarship, Nunasi Scholarship and both the Kitikmeot Inuit Association Beneficiaries Scholarship and Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. Lands Scholarship from 2008 to 2011. Her summer job experience has included working as a research assistant on environmental and scholarly projects, and interviewing Elders for the Kitikmeot Heritage Society. Pamela continues to be involved in ArcticNet research on Inuit and Post-Secondary Education as she believes in helping youth achieve higher education.

Jessica Kotierk 2010-2013

Jessica Kotierk, originally from Igloolik, is focused on the care of Inuit artifacts in museum collections. After graduating from York University for Film Studies and working for the Department of Culture, Language, Elders and Youth, Jessica recently completed a 2-year diploma program at Fleming College in Collection Conservation and Management. She got an amazing college internship at the National Museum of Denmark, in Copenhagen to work with their Canadian Arctic skin clothing collection and worked this summer at the Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa. The summer position included being a field archaeological conservator for the Avataq Field School in Akulivik, Nunavik. She hopes to continue to preserve Inuit objects across Canada, until Nunavut has a territorial museum.


IHT is committed to fostering the next generation of Inuit heritage professionals

Afilliated Documents

Guidelines Heritage Leadership Program
Between: Inuit Heritage Trust
and Participant
Learning Agreement Heritage Training Program
Between: Inuit Heritage Trust
and Participant
"My" Funding Budget Chart

Recent participant:
Krista Zawadski 2010–2015

Recent participant:
Pamela Gross 2012–2014

Recent participant:
Jessica Kotierk 2010–2013

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