Nunavut Archaeology and Artifacts Guide Booklets

The Inuit Heritage Trust has published three new booklets on archaeology in Nunavut.

Printed versions of the first three booklets, in English, are now available in our online store and office for approximately $15 each. Please vist our online Store. Inuktitut versions of these booklets will follow in summer 2016.

Booklet for Northern Communities (Download free .pdf version pdf icon)

This booklet designed as an overview for all Nunavummiut who have questions regarding work of archaeologists, rules and regulations for archaeological sites and opportunities to become involved in archaeological projects.

Booklet for Northern Heritage Workers (Download free .pdf version pdf icon)

This booklet is specifically designed to help heritage centre staff, and other heritage workers in Nunavut with their responsibilities to provide the proper care for exhibitions and historical objects.

Booklet for Northern Students (Download free .pdf version pdf icon)

This booklet targets grades 10-12 and talks about different key aspects of archaeology in Nunavut. It answers questions regarding the work of archaeologists in the territory; rules and regulations for archaeological sites; how to become involved with archaeological projects; and also about academic and traditional Inuit knowledge of the arctic's early history and inhabitants.


An Instructor’s Guide to Archaelogical Excavation in Nunavut
(Download free .pdf version 16.8 Mb pdf icon)

This instructor's guide is designed to help Nunavummiut learn about archaeology through hands-on experience. It can be used by instructors for school groups, at community events, and to help heritage workers. The full kit will be available soon.


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Archaeology and artifacts guide booklets designed for communities, heritage workers, and students
(grade 10 to 12)


Guidebook Heritage Workers

Guidebook Norther Students