Staff In Our Iqaluit Office


William Beveridge, Executive Director

William is involved in administrative work, staff management, annual budget management, working with the board of Trustees make sure they are informed of IHT matters and the overall policy and project management.

You can email him at:

William Beveridge

Ralph Kownak, Heritage Manager

Ralph is responsible for the management and administration of the Archaeological Research Permits, which involves collaboration between the IHT Board, affected communities, Government of Nunavut and Archaeology Researchers. Other projects responsible for are the Elder Recognition Award, Archaeology Mentorship Program and Intellectual Property Rights project.

You can email him at:

Ralph Kownak

Torsten Diesel, Project Manager

Torsten works on IHT's core and territorial projects such as heritage training and education. These projects include the Nunavut Heritage Network, the Heritage Training Program, the Heritage Leadership Program, the Conservator Program and the Intellectual Property Rights Project.

You can email him at:

Sarah Brown

Lynn Peplinski, Traditional Place Names Manager

Lynn's primary focus is on Place Names Program, which involves recording Elders' place names knowledge and getting this information on to maps to share with communities. The work also involves a process to make the names official, with the GN, to ensure the names will endure long into the future.

You can email her at:

Lynn Peplinski

Zipporah Ungalaq, Traditional Place Names Coordinator

The Traditional Place Names Coordinator works closely with elders along with the Manager, Traditional Place Names Manager ensures that all the inuktut names are correct in writing, map locations, and pronunciation according to each community's dialect. The Coordinator works to ensure that the inuktut perspective on place names is observed before they are approved by the board.

You can email her at:

Phone: 1-867-9790731 ext: 8

Janet Dione, Finance Manager

Janet is responsible for preparing budgets and financial statements, maintaining cash controls, payroll administration, purchasing, maintaining accounts payable and receivable, and generally managing and reporting to the senior staff and Board on financial matters.

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Tim Wykes, GIS Cartographer

Tim works with data provided to produce maps for the Traditional Place Names Project. Through consultation with community elders the names are recorded and the maps are produced using Inuktitut syllabics. View these and other maps at Place Names site.

Tim Wykes

Alaana Groves, Office Assistant

Alaana manages all the administrative aspects of the office and works closely with the Finance Manager with respect to the financial aspects of IHT.

You can email her at: