Projects: Nunavut Collections Management  

The purpose of this project is to get all those that have collections in Nunavut using the same collections management system, though for this first project, we aim to have 8 partners. Our objectives include doing the research on different collections management databases, cost analysis/sustainability factors, choosing the most appropriate one, and planning the implementation and training. The implementation and training would not only be around the use of the collections management system, but on the organizing, describing and digitizing of these collections. As well, the final demonstration or requirement of this project would be that participating organizations would have to upload their object records to Artefacts Canada and their archival records to Archives Canada. This would result in raising the profile of Nunavut’s heritage by those that are actually in the midst of Inuit heritage rather than always having other southern institutions presenting Nunavut heritage.

Why a Shared Collections Management System?

Though this project carried out in partnership with the Canadian Heritage Information Network, we are laying the ground work for all heritage stakeholders with collections (including archives)as well to document, share and better manage their collections. Through this phase of the project we will be uploading a minimum of 400 new/revised entries on Artefacts Canada. This is significant because no Nunavut-based collections are currently up on this national database. We hope that the result on a larger scale would be more collaborative research and borrowing and lending of items of interest. It will help raise Nunavut’s heritage profile and awareness of our collections across the territory, Canada and the world.



The Canadian Heritage Information Network

Artefacts Canada

Artefacts Canada is a national objects database resource is used by national and international heritage professionals to research and discover the fascinating world of Canadian cultural and natural collections.


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